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How long should I charge the battery?

Hieline recommends you charge the batteries for 8-14 hours.

Do you have financing options?

We do not offer financing options at this time.

PayPal Bill Me Later offers financing options with no financing charges if paid in 6 months.

You can find more information here:

Bill me later

What accessories can I purchase for Supascoota?

We sell the Supascoota as a complete package.  It comes with everything you need. The only available option is battery upgrade to Lithium battery. Additionally, you can purchase extra baskets, seat, armrests, and extra batteries.


What is “Dynamic Braking”?

“Dynamic braking” is achieved by changing the role of the motor and using it as a generator. This means that the motor has a braking effect. In mobility scooters such as the Supascoota, the dynamic braking is applied immediately when the controls are released and will quickly stop the scooter. Dynamic  braking is widely used in the industry. The most visible and common examples of dynamic braking are electric trains and trams.

What is the weight capacity of Supascoota?

The weight capacity for the standard model is 175 lbs.  and 290 lbs. for the Hemi model.

Can I upgrade shipping to recieve my equipment faster?

Yes. You can upgrade shipping by calling us to place an order. There’s an extra charge for faster shipping services. If you’re ordering on line, you will have shipping options at the check out.

Is SupaScoota covered by insurance?

No. SupaScoota is not yet coded as medical equipment. The process is underway and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s complete.

How long would it take for my equipment to arrive?

If you place your order before 3:00pm Central time  Monday – Friday, we’ll ship out your equipment on the same day. Most orders arrive within 2-3 days and in most cases, don’t take longer than 3 days.

Why does the SupaScoota run on 12 volt when others are 24 volt?

We believe that the advantage of “in car” battery charging for mobility aids exceed the advantages of a 24 volt system in a scooter the size of a SupaScoota. And a single 12 volt battery is also much easier to load and unload from the SupaScoota than a battery pack with 2 batteries inside.

Can I carry my cane or crutches on the Scoota?

Yes, there are two straps on the rear of the seat backrest to attach canes or crutches.

Is the SupaScoota suitable for street use?

The SupaScoota is not a full street scooter and more suitable for shopping centers and similar public areas. All micro scooters have limited capabilities for street use, but the SupaScooter has larger wheels than most and can cope with the streets better then the rest. The SupaScoota can climb gentle slopes such as wheelchair ramps and has wheels large enough to travel over moderately rough terrain.

What is the difference between an SLA battery and a Lithium battery?

The SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery is the most common battery used in mobility scooters. They are a tough,reliable battery and good value for money. But can be a little heavy. The 20 Ah SLA which is supplied with the Supascoota weighs 14.8 lbs. Lithium batteries perform a little better than SLA batteries but the major advantage of the Lithium is the lighter weight. The optional Lithium battery for the Supascoota weighs a little over 5 lbs. The disadvantage of the Lithium battery is the cost. Your Supascoota fitted with a Lithium battery will cost $390.00 more than a Supascoota with SLA battery.

I am left handed, can I operate the SupaScoota with my left hand?

Yes you can. The speed lever control can be move to the left side of the tiller and is then operated by the thumb.

What is “Electromagnetic Braking”?

The electromagnetic braking in the SupaScoota is similar to most other scooters. It consists of a disc brake on the motor which is operated by a magnet. The brake is released when the scooter control is operated and locks the motor when the controls are released. This is a “fail safe” system and that means that any fault in the controls or the release of the control lever, will cause the brake to operate and stop the scooter.

What if my Supascoota is reduced power?

Possible causes:

  • Battery may be weak and need replacement.
  • Insufficient charging time, battery is not fully charged.
  • Fault with charger, battery not receiving a proper charge.
  • Cable connectors not making proper contact.
  • Corrosion or bad connection at battery terminals.
  • Battery charger circuit breaker tripped .

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